Hi Asha,

Thank You so much again for our wonderful little guys, they are so amazing!! We had no problem taking them over the border and all we had to pay was our provincial taxes, no biggie. We have decided on names, the Blue Smoke Van is now Gaston and the Silver Harlequin is now Henry. Below I have included some pictures the first one is just of the ride home, Gaston was a little nervous at first, but they both soon became adventurous. Audrey decided to sit in the back with them and they were crawling all over her checking things out. Once we got home there was about an hour and a half of playing, exploring and learning were thing are and Gaston decided he liked to go on the windowsill in the sun . Then everyone was tired and the boys decided to take a nap on their new cat tree

Thanks Again Asha, We'll talk again soon,

 I want to thank you for your continuedconcern and love. I was thrilled when I found your website of your beautiful “doll faced” Persians. Just looking at your pictures of robust and healthy beautiful kittens and then being able to watch the kittens play and seeing videos posted was a testament to your integrity as a breeder and one you can trust. I loved the way you let me pick out my kitten and watch him grow and the thrill of picking Fynn up and taking him home to love, I was so happy. But as we both know, I took Fynn to a local vet with just the small issue as, he was healthy and active. The shot the vet gave, we both feel killed Fynn, as 5 days later he passed away. Your love and your support have helped me through the tragedy of Fynn’s loss. Your monetary support for the veterinary bills showed just how great your integrity is. Your website guarantees your kittens for 3 years for health and knowing you stand behind that guarantee, and knowing that I will soon have another kitten to choose from your beautiful kitty family to replace Fynn has helped me to endure the tragedy.  I know you loved Fynn Just know that as a breeder, I find you head and shoulders above the rest, as you guarantee your kittens health and I am a customer who has been shown how true that is, even when the loss was not your fault. Thank you for having that kind of integrity.

Thank you.. Pam.

Dear Asha Thank you for my precious little boy He is the dearest and sweetest kitten I have ever had. You can tell that he has been raised with love and kindness.

He is also very smart and well trained. Thank you for the gift bag of toys and supplies. 

 The photos and videos were always exciting to get it would had been much harder waiting for him to come home to us without your awesome updates. He is my little Angel that brings much joy. I look forward to stay in touch. Thank you again Asha

Hi Asha,
 Joryee is settling in very well.  Our other cats and dog have accepted her without any issues.  Elvis our dog plays with her and Joryee follows Rollo (one of our Ragdolls) around throughout the day.  She sleeps at the foot of our bed at night and the odd time on me when she is tired of playing.  Thank you again for a great addition to our

Hi Asha,
 hope this email finds you well! Here is my testimonial about the wonderful little kitties you have blessed me with :I was devastated when my first cat, Kabuki (aka 'Boo Bear'), was diagnosed with hypertrophic cardio myopathy (an incurable condition which causes the walls of the heart to thicken until not enough oxygen can be pumped to the body). He had just turned one year of age, and still had so much life and love to give. The cardiologist said that his condition was extreme, and that he might only have a few more days or months to live. When I heard the news, I reached out to Asha to let her know what had happened. To my surprise, she had another batch of kittens available and offered me one as a per her quarantee. I could tell that leaving him alone during my working hours was also stressful on him. I thought that having a friend around for him to play with might act as a different form of medication. Kabuki was very curious when the new little kitten, Kyoshi (aka 'Sir Cutes-a-lot'), arrived in our home. Kyoshi is a super-cute, bouncy, crazy, curious, playful little kitty and he mesmerized Kabuki right from the start.  They are the best of friends, and are rarely seen apart. Kabuki is no longer agitated when I'm getting ready to leave the house, and I feel some comfort knowing that he has a friend to play with while I'm gone.To the surprise of our doctors, Kabuki is now three years old. He has to take things a bit slower, but he is still interested in whatever his little brother, Kyoshi, finds for entertainment. As for Kyoshi, he has grown into an amazing cat. Everyone who meets him is struck by his gorgeous, silver coat and playful disposition. Kyoshi must chase anything that moves, and loves to jump on paper and hide in boxes. While most cats have an 'I hate you' or 'You are so annoying' look, Kyoshi does not. His big, wide eyes always maintain a look of interest and innocence. Kyoshi is obsessed with playing and exploring, and will beg at the closet door for me to get his toys out and play with him.  Kyoshi has a long, silky coat that has been easy to maintain, and he seems to enjoy his daily brushing too. He still wakes me up every morning, asking for pets and trying to convince me to come downstairs and play with him. He is the sweetest little soul, and has never used his claws or fangs on anyone in the house, even during bath time. He is everything that I could have hoped for in a kitty!I am so very grateful to have both of these kitties in my life. They have given me so much love and laughs. While I know that Kabuki's time is limited, I am happy for all of the fun times that we have shared together. I also feel relieved to know that when Kabuki does pass away, little Kyoshi will still be here to make me smile.Thank-you Asha, for these two wonderful babies. I love them with all of my heart! you are truley a breeder with Integrity.. year 2012 Now it is 2015 Boo bear is still alive and doing well.

Hi Asha..  both the kitties we got from you are doing so well and continue to bring us sooooooo much joy (as do Willow and Oliver). Milo is still the spunky little wild thing that he has been from the start, and Murry just gets sweeter and more affectionate every day (he is like having a living Teddy bear!)
 We are so lucky to share our life with such wonderful kitties!!!

Ragamuffin Yetti is getting so big! He is a Great kitten!!

"It had been sometime since I lost my precious cat Kami from cancer. She had a good life and we had seventeen years of loving memories together. After losing her the first three months was just awful. I missed hearing her feet tinker down the hall and having her make kitty biscuits on my head each morning. Yes, I realize this all sounds rather sappy but until you are a cat owner you just don't get it.
Well, this time around I decided I wanted to go big or go home and finally get that "dream kitty" I'd always fantasized about. This time I was going to own the type of cat you see in the fancy cat food commercials. This was happening! Don't get me wrong, I've been blessed with some truly lovely domestic tabbies from the local rescue but I was turning forty and figured why not. After all, some people spend more on handbags and shoes that don't give them companionship and unconditional love pets do. 
So that was it, I decided it was time to select my next fur baby so I began looking at adds, breeders online, and even Craig's list...which I DO NOT recommend. In my experience, either the phone numbers are scams, people are selling sickly kittens from their garages, or you call the number on some doctored up website with kittens wearing tutus with a price tag of $3,000+ but you never see their parents, where they are being raised or how they are being cared for. This was a financial and emotional investment for me so there was no way I was going to allow myself to get scammed or attached to an unhealthy kitten with a potential lifetime of medical issues. Temperament was equally important to me and I was beginning to feel like I was playing Blackjack in Vegas. 
During my extensive search (which took a little under a year), I came across Asha's website. Her kittens were beautiful, had a story, appeared socialized, healthy, and she was extremely knowledgeable about specialty breeds in general. I examined her website from front to back and was not disappointed. My knowledge of Persians and their care was limited but her posts and resources educated me and gave me a good understanding of what I'd be taking on. I had several conversations with Asha and felt as if she was passionate about the service she provides, genuinely cared about all of her kitties, and was extremely professional. I shared that I wanted a female silver shaded Persian which she did not have at the time. She was transparent about that but informed me that with one of her newer cats, Annabella, it was a possibility.  She explained that Bella would be a first time mother and that there were no coat guarantees and that she naturally didn't want to rush the process. She was concerned about the welfare of her cat as well as my soon to be kitten instead of just making money. This spoke volumes to me about Asha's integrity. I expressed that I was in no rush and placed a reasonable deposit to reserve first pick of her future litters with the hopes of coming across my dream kitty. Now I'm a very discerning person and I mailed my cashiers check off without any reservation. That was huge for me and Asha's actions had a lot to do with that.
From that point on I engaged in regular communication with Asha. She always reached out and gave me a play by play on her current and upcoming litters. All of her new babies were gorgeous but I held out for my girl. One day I received a text that it was a possibility Annabelle and Apollo had gotten busy. Awhile later, I got the news she was expecting. I was excited but was careful not to get my hopes up. Then it happened....I received a text from Asha (who sounded equally as excited as I was) that Annabella had her on 3/14/16. I was so incredibly happy. She is a petite doll-faced silver shaded chinchilla Persian.
After she was born, Asha provided me with videos and photos of her each week. She also assisted me in gathering up the most healthy nutrition and care products from my new kitty. I live in California and booked a flight up to Seattle when it was time to bring her home. All the time Asha was great. She worked with me on all the logistics but always had the health and welfare of my new kitten in mind. 
My travel date had finally arrived. I set up the house, grabbed a travel carrier and headed to the airport. Several hours later while in Washington I met Asha and she introduced me to this beautiful creature who I know call Ellie with a bag full of goodies for her. Ellie is such a joy! Her coat is plush, eyes are clear, she is healthy, loving, playful (a little bit naughty) and very engaging. She eats well, came to me fully potty trained, loves people, and always uses the scratch pad (which was a must as I am very house proud) and is fearless. Furthermore, she traveled well and adjusted nicely to my home.
A month after having Ellie, Asha called to check on her and I sent a couple of "proof of life" pictures and videos of Ellie LOL. Again, she cares about her kitties. For example, when Ellie became a little gassy while I was transitioning foods Asha promptly text me back with a remedy to the situation. In short, she didn't just get her money and wash her hand of us.
If your taking the time to read my comment today, thank you. I'd like to make it clear that this was not solicited and that I'm submitting this on my own accord because my experience was that great. If your looking for a reliable, honest, caring and QUALITY breeder to provide you with your latest fury addition to the family then Asha Christiansen is your girl! Just be upfront with her...realistic about your expectations....and patient and you too can get your dream kitty. I certainly got mine."
Best Regards,

Asha Hello A week ago we brought home our Jussi He is not just a charming and playful kitten, but he is also a very socialized and well mannered boy. No problems with using his litter box and our dogs. You can clearly see he was raised with love and care. He came into our home like he had always been here as soon as I opened his crate he laid on the fluffy blanket I got him and started to need at it. My daughter was so pleased she didn't even care about the other birthday gifts we had gotten her and my husband who doesnt even like cats was surprised how much he liked him. It almost brought tears to my eyes to see them laying together. Thank you Asha 


          "Asha"  360-220-0508             

Hi Asha...
 He is soooo cute, we are absolutely in love with him already. Thanks so much for taking the time to send us pictures, it helps us get to know him even though we are so far away. I know I have said this before but you have done such a great job in calming my fears about buying a kitten that I can't see ahead of time. If you ever have anyone who initially feels like I did, I would be more than willing to tell them what a wonderful experience we have had.
 Keri  Another note from Keri.. Hey Asha..
 I just wanted to e-mail you and tell you how much we really love our new kitten ! He is absolutely adorable, his markings are certainly everything that I had hoped for. More importantly though, he is such a lover! He slept in our bed all night, taking turns sleeping with myself and my husband
 (I am sure glad he slept with Chris too because all of our other cats sleep with me and he feels
 left out : Cuzco is certainly adjusting to our house (this is the first time we have a kitten in our house, all our other cats grew up in our apartments). We initially tried to keep him gated in our bedroom, closet, and bathroom (because they are all connected) and when he jumped the gates, we knew that he would have to be let into the rest of the house. He did just fine, we walked all around with him and he loves exploring. Our other animals are adjusting well also. It is so funny, our other male (Aztec) absolutely thinks Cuzco is the greatest thing. He never even hissed at the kitten when they were introduced. Now they follow each other around, Aztec batting at the kitten and the kitten running up behind Aztec and going after his tail. One of my females (Inca) wants to play with Cuzco but isn't exactly sure how to yet (she has a very quirky funny personality). My other female, Maya, is still
 upset but she has a harder time adjusting to anything new. She was our first cat and was super
 spoiled and turned out to be such a brat (don't get me wrong I love her to pieces--she's just one of those cats that touches your heart in such a special way, one in a million animals that you are always thankful for--haha but she is still a brat). Finally, the dogs. Let me preface this by saying, they are a year-old this summer and they are super playful, crazy, always running, lick-everything, at times
 out of control dogs. We brought Cuzco over to them last night again (we had earlier but not for long), and they turned into the calmest, most loving, respectful dogs I had ever seen. They did not even
 try to lick the kitten ! When the kitten plays in the kitchen the dogs stand frozen in place or walk so slowly around the kitchen inspecting every spot before they put their foot down (I think they are worried they will step on him).
 Wow that turned out a lot longer than I had expected (haha sorry for that !). In short, Cuzco is amazing, we love him to pieces already and he sure seems to be pretty happy as well! You did
 such a great job and I could never thank you enough!!!!
 P.s. I think my mom is going to get one of your Christmas kittens. She couldn't believe how well adjusted and happy he is, she kept saying that's a sign of a great breeder, and that those kittens are worth
every penny!

    Testaments of Integrity..

Hey Asha happy New Years! Amy and I just wanted to thank you so much for the best kitten in the world! Nemo is seriously way too perfect! I couldn't imagine getting a cat with a better personality. he clung to us right away and always has to be in our sites, .He is so sweet and cuddly and sometimes pretty hyper and playful which keeps Amy and I entertained and laughing for hours. Anyway, just wanted to let you know he is doing very well and Amy and I couldnt be happier! Thanks again so much for the best kitten ever! 

To tell you about our little girl Monroe.. She likes to be brushed and I even blow dry her alittle.

She goes in her litter box but almost always comes to me to tell me she has to go so I turn on the hall light for downstairs. She
 likes to watch me clean her box and prefers to have it clean . Its an automatic cleaner, and makes noise so I'm surprised shes not afraid of
 it.. she eats with the other animals well, and I think she gets me to feed her again later by meowing alot but I think its for the others so
 they can eat more since she doesn't eat much at all.   shes wonderful and she has the most beautiful purr when I'm petting her that I've ever
 heard in my life and Ive had many cats. It sounds like a baby bird sighing. No lie. Love Love Love her.

Thank you Asha for my little TAO We had a great 1st night Tao slept curled up next to my head on my hand and midnight he woke up to potty and for a snack and then back to bed. He is So Sweet My Heart feels so full of love for him, Hes definitely my kitty he comes when I call him he follows me around and purrs constantly, Just such a loVe bug. Im so Grateful Thank you so much.

She is AWESOME:).  She acts like a rag doll.  She will let you hold her for hours and she will let you place her in your arms and carry her around the house.  She loves people.  My husband work at home so she hangs out with him when we are not around.  She follows us everywhere.  If we are in the bathroom she is in the bathroom.  She sits on the edge of the shower and looks in the glass door while you take a shower.  She is always with us.  It is precious.  Oh -- she also has her special spot in the bed.  She sleeps in between the two pillows -- right in the middle where there is nothing and sometimes she will snuggle your head but she doesn't do this very often.  She weighs between 4lbs and 4.5 lbs last time we checked.
I've attached some pictures.  One of them is with Santa -- I know it is corny but Emily and I thought it was fun.  The picture is a picture of a picture so it is not very good but I wanted to put it in my scrapbook.  It was a fund raiser for the local humane society. We love her so much.  We named her Cali which I know is not very creative but it just seemed to fit so well. Thank you again.  I will continue sending a few pictures if you don't mind. We hope you have a great Christmas.

Hello Asha Figaro is very happy and we are really happy too. Thank you

Hi Asha
 You've been on my mind lately. Without you, I wouldn't have my smart, loving, fun, very busy Boy! He is the most playful loving Himalayan I've ever had and what a Character!!! He's so big...and beautiful.
 I want to thank you for your generosity in talking us through our initial days together.
 I have such a quirky Boy! And, what a fetcher he is! I tire out before he does. I've bought countless toys and he always goes back to wads of paper! He went into the recycle bin one day and that was that!
 I just want thank you again. Best to you and your wonderful Family, furry and otherwise, in this New Year.
 Warm Regards

I just thought I should write you and let you know how much we adore our babies we got from you. They complete our family and totally brighten our days. If I could recommend anyone a pet it would defiantly be a ragamuffin or a Persian ... they are a different breed. They actually want to be apart of our family. The kids never put them down and they are OK with that. I defiantly did my research before getting my 2 fur balls and I feel so blessed to have found Asha. She has been beyond helpful every step of the way. Smooth process and couldn't ask for better cats. I would recommend Purrfectkeeperz to anyone. Again thank you for our  babies I'm so glad we got them both... there's never a dull moment!
Schaefer family

Thank you so much for letting our family have this "sweet boy" What a joy! You did a wonderful job of raising him He fits in with my 2 old dogs very well. He has decided my pillow is his pillow- Oh well its just the beginning to him being completely spoiled .. rest assured he will be loved, treated extremely well & spoiled rotten..
follow up letter..
I have no time for anything anymore- I'm too busy following the boy around with m y camera.. Thank you so much for this wonderful cat. You are such a good breeder. He is social, happy, gets along with the dogs, likes to be loving.

Hello Asha,
 My goodness, it's been a while since we've spoken! I'm so sorry about not sending you pictures.  She is completely lovely in every way, and everyone in the household loves her. We just recently have gotten her fixed, and now she's a bit less energetic, but still as wonderful as before. In fact, we love her so much, we were thinking about getting another kitten! 
 Thank you very much,
 Autumn and Megan

update- this was their next white angel kitty saying hello

15 years experience creating Ultimate Companion Lap Cats our kittens are socialized with family & dogs never caged...

Hi Asha I wanted to give you an update on Treely, shes one of the coolest kitties! we adore her and are so thankful we found you. We went on vacation for 2 weeks so my mom watched her.My mom has 2 dogs that have never been around cats. We were a little worried at first but it was amazing to watch her get acquainted and ultimately make 2 new friends. She whipped them into shape almost immediately by smacking them a few times and then it turned into sneak attacks! My mom had a great time watching them play and enjoying each other. They we all sad for a day or 2 after we got back. Her ability to adjust has everything to do with the socializing she experienced at your home. Dont be surprised if you hear from my mom wanting to get a kitten for herself. Thanks Again! Our family is 

Hello Asha . Kim  here..
I wanted to thank you for your concern for our kitten we purchased from you  it was so devastating to come home to find that he had hung himself with his long cat toy that hung from our doorway.. I called crying to you sharing the tragedy hoping you would offer some sort of peacefulness to my heart.. to my surprise you offered me another kitten. I was not sure I was ready as my heart ached for Oliver, but I am glad I chose to take you up on your offer as It has brought  many smiles and laughter into our home that I had thought was no where to be found.. Thank you for your kind heart, I will always have kind words to say about you and will continue to refer your website to people asking for  a reputable breeder of Himalayan kittens.. 
year 2005

We know how hard it is to trust purchasing from someone you have never met or visited so I thought it would be nice for you to read stories of other past customers..

Hello Again Asha, Persia has settled into her new home very nicely. She loves everyone in the house except my seven year old tortie, Pixel, who did not give Persia a very warm welcome. But they seem to be working it out. Persia has stood her ground and has not let Pixel get the best of her. Persia goes and comes as she pleases.
 Thank you Asha for Persia’s housewarming gift, it is indeed her favorite toy. She plays with it for hours. Thank you also for such a well adjusted and loving kitty. She always likes to be with us and has stolen the hearts of everyone here. (Except Pixel of course.) She has not missed with the litter box once in the three days she has been here and has not scratched up our furniture. She is an intrepid explorer and gets into places I never dreamed she would go. I am amazed at how high she can jump for such little ball of fur. Even at such a young age it is easy to see she will grow up to be a regal princess.

Hi, Asha,
  I wanted to update you on Autumn and Percy. They are wonderful little kits! Happy, healthy, playful, affectionate - in short, we love them to pieces! They are growing before our eyes. Despite being kittens, Autumn loves being up on a lap and being petted - purr, purr - and Percy is a nestler and a snuggler as well. They continue to love each other, and are often near one another, playing and grooming one another, sleeping, observing all that is going on (they use separate bread baskets  to sleep in when I am working in the kitchen now since they no longer fit in one) but also growing more independent and can be found in parts of the house separate from one another. From day one they wanted to sleep on our bed at night and so far, we all still fit! It is clear that they came from good genes and good loving care and early training. Will keep you posted, but for now, thanks so much!

Hi Asha,, OUr boy is doing SO great. Uses litter box perfectly, Loves to climb everything, and is basically Perfect!!

Welcome to 


On this page you will read stories of previous buyers.. Some who have had issues with their kitten and we given a replacement kitten. Some that are just expressing their gratitude.

Persian kittens & Himalayan Kittens

Asha,  I wanted to take the time to commend you on the wonderful job you do socializing your kittens.  This is the first time I have ever purchased a pet site unseen.  From the moment  I sent you the deposit, I had my fingers crossed hoping I had not made a costly mistake, but I couldn't be more pleased.  Rascal is the best little kitten I have ever seen.  He is not afraid of anything, he loves to be held, he falls asleep on his back cradled in my arms just like a baby.   My other cats have learned to love him too.  After he is done terrorizing them, he plops down beside them and they groom him till he falls asleep. He doesn't scratch or bite us unnecessarily.  Even my vet commented on what a well behaved kitten he was, he pushed the vet away without using his claws.  His favorite place to sleep, besides on my chest, is my open laptop.  When ever he sees it open, he plops himself down on it and goes to sleep.  When he is ready for me to wake up in the morning he sucks on either my cheek or my nose.  He is an absolute joy.  I want to assure anyone who may have some hesitation purchasing a kitten site unseen just as I did, they wont be disappointed.  You kept me updated while he was growing and  went out of your way to help find a way to get him to me, so I wouldn't have to drive 3 hours each way while my dad was sick.  You have made this a pleasurable experience and I hope to do it again someday when you have Himalayan kittens again.  I wish you and your family a Happy New Year 12-

Hello again Asha, Thought I would send along a new picture of our pretty boy Yeti. He is the best cat! I think the way you socialize your cats make them amazing pets. Yeti lets our kids carry him everywhere and loves to hang out with the dogs. Everyone that meets Yeti asks where they can get a cat like him! Thanks so much! He is almost 6 months old now. Amy~

Oh my gosh!!!  We feel so blessed!!  Thank you for giving us such a bundle of joy!  Tinker is so amazing!  He did not make a peep all the way home, took to the litter box like a pro, is eating and drinking like the champ that he is and is sleeping with us at night.  Tink and Molly are becoming friends.  Tink does not back down from Molly's exuberance.  Our friends want to kidnap him.  He is winning hearts all over Prosser!  Kudos to you and your family for giving us such a beautiful boy!  .just wanted to let you know that all is well in 'Tinkerville'!  Marcia

Dear Asha, your integrity outshines so many others in your love for your kittens and those of us who purchase your beautiful doll face Persians and ragamuffins. My first kitten I got from you was in later 2014, he was a black smoke bicolor doll faced Persian, and I had waited to get just the right look I wanted. As we both know, I took Fynn, to the vet where I lived and he really was healthy but that vet gave him a shot and within 3 days he died, even though another vet tried to save him. I was so devastated I cried for days. But Asha, with that amazing integrity you offered me another kitten for no charge whatsoever. I waited a bit and I was able to pick out another kitten, a black and white doll faced kitten I named Jaxx, however when I got him the vet noticed that Jaxx had a heart murmur and because I was unsure of his life expectancy, I decided to wait again and pick another kitten; which you graciously allowed with no financial gain. This is when I picked out Kally Ko Kat. So I got Kally Ko Kat from you in 2015, a gorgeous calico doll faced Persian and ragamuffin kitten. I adored my kitten and she grew into a gorgeous cat. Unfortunately, due to numerous medical issues that arose after purchasing her, at 2 years old, I knew that for her best interests that I needed to rehome her into a new loving and nurturing home. You offered to place her on your own website to offer her for adoption, with no monetary gain for yourself. What is so amazing is that the home we found for Kally Ko Kat was one that would ease the loss of another calico cat, that looked almost exactly like my Kally Ko; in fact the couple who lost their pet, the pet had the same name. Although it was a long way, the couple came and fell in love with my Kally Ko, and the feeling was mutual. Kally Ko adored them too. So a very happy ending to the rehoming, all because of your generosity to share her adoption needs on your website. Your thoughtfulness and concern is something that I admire so much. Thank you again for your support and help in rehoming Kally Ko Kat. My regards, Pam Housden 

 It was great meeting you finally and I just want to say thank you for allowing us to take two of your precious kittens to become a part of our family, Grace is over the moon with them. They did amazing on the car ride home as they slept in her lap most of the way and then when we got on the ferry then got on the dashboard and fell asleep for a little bit, I think they liked the cold windshield. The boys explored the house, played with a few new toys, ate and now are asleep.  they are just too cute.
 Thanks again,

Taji son of Willamina is long and lean and lives up to the Ragamuffin breed.

Very laid back when sleeping. Will find him 90% of the time sleeping on his back stretched out. He is very loving and likes to be the center of attention. Enjoys waking us up at3am to be cuddled and touched.  Will wake you up with a very wet kiss. Not gently but coming up to you and lovingly shoving his face into yours to make sure you know he is there. Prefers the sheets to the blankets. Will steel your warm spot if you roll over or get out of bed. Taji is very curious about everything and gets into practically everything. Very smart and figures things out quickly. He enjoys a good brushing and enjoys it even better when Serri cleans him.  His coat is very soft and his energy at times is amazing.  When he crashes to take a nap there is nothing more cute. He keeps us entertained with his playfulness and attitude. Loves to hide in the prep sink in our kitchen. Has a fascination with water. Not afraid of it at all.  Been a wonderful addition to the family.  Our four pound little princess. Serri daughter of Fiona is petite and fluffy. She is as sweet as a button. Enjoys playing during the day with Taji and taking naps on the top of the cat tree but would rather sleep on the clean sheets on our bed. At night she sleeps with our oldest daughter. Enjoys waking her up to see that she is still breathing. Does this by taking her paw and putting it our daughters nose or her mouth. Finds my daughters chest and head a comfy spot to plant herself during the night until the morning comes. Has a very faint purr and when you do hear it it is special. She enjoys being brushed. But loves a good massage before drifting off to sleep.  Chasing the curser on my computer screen is an everyday occurrence. Makes it a little hard to get my work done but is a nice distraction. She is getting more curious about the outdoors. Sits at the door and watches the birds fly by all day long. Our girls love having her as a new family member and are so glad we made the decision to expand our family.
E.Whitney Denckla