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Congratulations to Deanna and her daughter.

On this brown patch Tabby Persian girl.

Such a wonderful gift for you both. 

Congratulations to Brigitte and her family on reserving the sweet little Solid red Persian girl she is sure to have a wonderful loving purrsonality as her mother 

Congratulations to Gwen on her shaded silver tortie girl 

Congratulations to Erica & Doug on their new found loving black smoke friend.. He is sure to be cuddled and loved 

Fiona's Persian kittens born 6-10-16

Congratulation Ethan & Frank have decided a Ragamuffin too

     Congratulations Ann Thompson..

  On this little Orange Tabby bicolor boy..

Congratulations to Kelsey she is a teenager that has saved her money to purchase her very own purrfectkeeper kitten she has chosen Mira's look a like kitten

Congratulations to The Patton Family on this High white black smoke Ragamuffin boy..

Congratulations Vicki Corlisson this smoke calico girl this is their

     families 3rd kitten from us..

Congratulations to the

Cravy family on the beautiful black smoke & white bicolor boy.. named "Yeti"



Mira had 2 Persian kittens born 9-22-2016 

Congratulations Dana on this beautiful

doll face smoke Tortishell from.

Congratulations Lulin on this blue and white Persian boy her very 1st kitten ever.. She is very excited to have him to love

Congratulations to Brenda Evens and Felix on their precious Show quality Black smoke Van Persian boy

Anabella our Silver Persian had her 1st litter of 2 kittens born 3/14/16

​videos taken almost 2weeks old : https://youtu.be/iTx4bNq0OZY


Nakita had 2 Persian kittens born 8-06-16

Congratulations Kiley Indra on this beautiful doll face Dilute calico girl.

Congratulations to Susan who decided that having these 2 black smoke bicolor Persian brothers to brighten her life.

Congratulations to Jane & Gregory on their beautiful high white calico girl

Congratulations To Mimi & Bill on this handsome Shaded Silver boy. I was delighted to hear that Mimi is a big fan of Purrfectkeeperz and has been watching our website for years. She was so excited to come meet and play with our kitty family. 

Congratulations to Amy Green of gemsofthesouthpersians.com

on your beautiful silver patch tabby girl. We had purchased the mother Fiona from 5 years ago. 

Persian kittens & Himalayan Kittens

Congratulations to the Calderon family including their companion cat Jiggy Lee.

They are excited to bring in some kitten energy to their family to brighten up their spirits after losing one of their best friends. 

Congratulations to Paige, she is getting her very first kitten she is super excited to bring this snuggle buddy home to hug kiss & tell all her secrets too.. 

Congratulations to Sasha Nouri on her beautiful soon to be triple coated doll face  smoke calico girl

Congratulations Tammy on reserving this beautiful black smoke bi-color boy. for a companion for her mother.. Such a wonderful gift.. they are so excited to soon meet him and hug n kiss his sweet doll face. 

 Congratulations to Amy & Carson

on this little dollface orange and white boy.

​Congratulations to Lauren Parker

on her very tiny orange smoke tabby Persian girl.. 

Ragamuffin kittens borm 2/15/16.

 Congratulations to the Croft family on this beautiful classic traditional doll face Persian boy we had called Simon. He is sure to enjoy playing with their 2 daughters and old man french bull dog. 


Athena had her 1st litter born 7-30-16

3 kittens born 


This is the page where expecting parents can find updated photos of their kittens.. Kittens that are spoken for are taken off the available page and place here on the reserved kittens page..  

Congratulations to Maki and her little maltese dog friend on acquiring this solid red Persian female. "Lil Miss Lucky"

        Congratulations to Kia Dunann

    on this beautiful calico Persian girl.

Kittens born 2016

Fiona had 2 kittens born 2-02-17 

Congratulations to Morgan she has lost her long lived kitty friend and is excited to meet her new Persian kitten friend.. She just loved his blue coloring his dark nose with his classic doll face and huge full coat.. 

Due to delivery complications Mira had one surviving kitten 5-12-17 

Congratulation Ethan & Frank from Spokane.. Ethan has been watching our website with anticipation for 3 years knowing someday he will own one of our Purrfectkeeperz both Ethan & Frank are so very excited to soon be meeting their little buddy.. 

1st  & 2nd  Ragamuffin & Persian video 

Congratulations to Robin Thomas on her beautiful black and white Persian boy 

Congratulations to Melisa and Collie friend Olive on adding this red and white bi-color Tabby Persian boy.to their family.

Congratulations to Nick and his girl friend Nick is an artist and really liked the look of eye-makup around this Silver bi-color boys eye.

Congratulations to

Mistie Chendler on her triple coated doll face Red tabby smoke Persian boy

Congratulations to Susie and her family she has long awaited a solid cream girl for their family to love. 

Congratulations to leanne who has decided to love this silver patch tabby girl.  She is sure to bring laughter and love to her family. 

Congratulations Emily on your blue smoke bicolor boy.. 

Athena had 3 Persian boys born 5~15~2017 all the same color yet all so different in looks