This page is where expecting parents can find updated photos of their reserved kittens born in 2019

Kittens that are spoken for are taken off the Available page and updated weekly here on the Reserved kittens page..  

Sorry reserved kittens will not be updated this week as deliveries are being made for new kitten parents. So for those of you that are still waiting on pick up or delivery and want updated photos of video just ask and I can text it to you. 

Congratulations to Blanka who had 4 kittens 1-25-19 Her sister Luna had 2 kittens born 2-07-19.

Sister moms are raising their kittens together. 

 video lunas 2 kittens ~

Congratulations to Debbie of Dooberspurrdolls on this brown tabby boy he will sure create some beautiful kittens for her. 

congratulations to Korenna who has decided on a little girl to share her love with. 

Congratulations to Karrie and her family on this brown tabby bicolor Persian boy.

Congratulations to Karen in Woodenville who has decided on getting these 2 brothers a Red smoke and a Seal lynx point. We are so pleased they will be living together. 

Congratulations to Sasha and her family they have decided to add this Silver shaded boy to their family he is sure to bring laughter and cuddles to all. 

Excited to announce that the Terry family has decided to adopt 2 kittens, brother and sister. Black Tabby with smoke markings and his sister a seal lynx point. with their 3 children thes 2 kittens are sure to get lots of loving affection. 

Congratulations to Kelley in Idaho she is needing some good kitty love which works out perfect with this little silver patch tabby girl she is also will need good human love.

I am very excited for them to meet each other. 

Congratulations to Julian who has decided on the cute little Himalayan girl to add to her family her new recently purchased Persian kitten need a friend. 

Persian kittens & Himalayan Kittens

Congratulations to Tami and her son who have decided to get 2 kittens from each mother. A Brown patched tabby bicolor Persian girl & a seal lynx point Himalayan girl

Saraphina had a single kitten red Persian boy Born 3/27/2019 he is now back to being available see updated photos on the available page. 

video taken 5/10

Welcome to 


Congratulations to Luna and Leo had 5 kittens born NOv.16 2019


Foxy & Leo had 4 kittens. 3 PERSIAN and 1 HIMALAYAN born 5/26/19 Raina had 1 HIMALAYAN girl 5/2719 Both momma's/sisters are raising their kittens together. ​

Congratulations to Beverly a sweet lady looking forward to sharing her life with the Himalayan male kitten she has chosen to Love. 

A dear lady that previously purchased a kitten from Purrfectkeeperz has decided to gift this precious girl to her mother. Such a wonderful gift that keeps on giving.

Congratulations Lora on this silver patched tabby with white Persian girl  

Congratulations Jerrilee who has decided to get 3 kittens 2 silver sisters and a brown tabby boy sure is gonna be a fun day when her 3 kittens come home. 

Congratulations to Anycia. on getting Raina's single kitten. Her kids have been wanting a kitten to love and cuddle they are super excited to add this little Himalayan blue lynx point Himalayan girl to their family 

Congratulations Danielle of Oak Harbor chose this seal tortie lynx point Himalayan girl

Carissa and her family are excited to add this pretty little seal lynx with white Himalayan girl to their family.