Saraphina had 4 kittens born 5/7/18​

Luna had her 1st litter of kittens 2/26/2018 video taken 3/28/18


Blanka had 5 kittens born 5/08/18

Congratulations to Lindsey on this little shaded silver little girl.

Congratulations Penelope on this handsome solid black Persian boy. He is sure to be the loving companion they have been longing for. 

 Athena she had 3 beautiful kittens 4/4/18

Congratulations to Brandi and her family on this beautiful Calico girl a dream come true for her.

We at purrfectkeeperz..

We have decided to keep these two sisters

 " FoXay RoXay" & Her Sister "Sierra"

Congratulations to Mihai & Mihaela on this cream smoke little girl she is sure to bring laughter and love into their home

Congratulations to Julie of Crayola Cats on this Silver patch tabby with white. She is being sold as a breeder and will create beautiful doll face Persian kittens in the future. 

Congratulations to Nicolai & his mother Irena on the unusual colored black and harliquin Persian boy. 

Congratulations to Jennifer and Rob on this sweet little silver shaded girl 

Congratulations Asad and family on this lovely fluff ball brown tabby with white bi-color Persian girl. 

Congratulations B.J. on this beautiful tortie Persian girl he has decided to call her Sabrina she is sure to be his #1 love. It will be love at first site for them both.

Mira had 2 kittens born 3/15/18

We have decided to keep both the calico and the cream sisters to add to our loving breeding family. 

congratulations to Tracie & Courtney they have decided to acquire 2 kittens an unusual red cameo boy and his red smoke brother

Persian kittens & Himalayan Kittens

Congratulations to Debbie of dooberpurrdolls on this handsome brown tabby boy he is sure to create beautiful sweet face Persian & Himalayan kittens for others to love.

This page is where expecting parents can find updated photos of their kittens born in 2018.

Kittens that are spoken for are taken off the available page and place here on the reserved kittens page..  

Congratulations Natasha on the other red smoke brother she is delighted to meet her new friend that she named Rajah after the lion in Aladdin. 

Welcome to 


Congratulations to Andrea in Virgina on this lynx point Himalayan girl.

She has been dreaming of bring home one of our kittens for years its finally happening for her

Congratulations to Anne & Robert in Alaska on this red smoke Persian boy he is sure to super affectionate and enjoy lots of cuddling.

Congratulations to Jennifer on this handsome brown tabby and white Persian boy. They have decided to call him "Loki"

 A new house warming gift for her and her family.