Congratulations to Tami and her son who have decided to get 2 kittens from each mother. A Brown patched tabby bicolor Persian girl & a seal lynx point Himalayan girl

Congratulations to Daniella on her pretty blue patched tabby with white Persian girl. 

Congratulations Debbie of Dooberspurrdolls on this brown tabby Persian boy.

Congratulations to Karrie and her family on this brown tabby bicolor Persian boy.

Congratulations Danielle of Oak Harbor chose this seal tortie point Himalayan girl


This page is where expecting parents can find updated photos of their reserved kittens born in 2019

Kittens that are spoken for are taken off the Available page and updated weekly here on the Reserved kittens page..  

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Persian kittens & Himalayan Kittens

Congratulations to Blanka who had 4 kittens 1-24-19 Her sister Luna had 2 kittens born 2-07-19.

Sister moms are raising their kittens together.