Congratulations to Princessa and Leo had 3 kittens born 6/02/2020

Congratulations to Elma her family has chosen this brown patch tabby girl to join their family. 

Congratulations to Caroline on this shaded silver boy. 

Nakita had 1 shaded silver boy Persian kitten born 4/3/20

Congratulations to Samantha she has chosen to love this silver patch tabby girl.

This page is where expecting parents can find updated photos of their reserved kittens born in 2020

Kittens that are spoken for are taken off the Available page and updated weekly here on the Reserved kittens page..  This Page was update 8/08/2020

Congratulations to Patricia on this beautiful brown tabby girl.

Congratulations to Chris on this little red smoke tabby Persian boy

Raina and Leo had 5 kittens born 1/28/20

Blanka and Leo had 5 kittens born 4/04/20

Congratulations to Kate she has chosen to love this silver tabby boy. 

Congratulations to Erin on the Darker seal lynx bicolor Himalayan boy 

Congratulations Sarah on deciding to cherish this brown patch tabby and white girl.

Congratulations to Lorrie on her chosen cream cameo bicolor Ragamuffin girl

Ragamuffin Davina had Ragamuffin kittens born 4/16/20

Congratulations to Erin on getting her 2nd Purrfectkeeeperz kitten and play mate for previous kitten Tao

Congratulations to Oriana on choosing to love this beautiful red tabby smoke boy named Mango

Congratulations to Ashley and Artyom on choosing to love this brown tabby and white girl. 

Congratulations to Diane getting the lighter seal lynx point bicolor Himalayan boy

Congratulations to Corrinna on her chosen red and white Ragamuffin boy she is naming Julius

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Saraphina had 1 kitten born 2/21/20

Congratulations to Kristy on her chosen cream cameo Ragamuffin boy.

Persian kittens & Himalayan Kittens

Congratulations to Lisa and her family on choosing this blue tortie point Himalayan girl. 

Congratulations to Nichole on choosing this Flame lynx point bicolor Himalayan boy

Congratulations to Shirley on this red and white smoke tabby Persian boy

Nakita and Leo who had 6 Persian kittens 4 boys & 2 girls 7/15\20

Congratulations to Annette on this sweet little Ragamuffin cream cameo girl

Congratulations to Laura on deciding to love this silver and white boy.