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Persian kittens & Himalayan Kittens

Our Persian Boy "Bingo" Is a black and High white called a black and white van. 

 When bred to our Persians Mia ~ Chrystal ~Cora they will create registered Persian kittens, when bred to our Ragamuffin female Cupid they will create registered Ragamuffin kittens.

All with unusual colors and patterns that are sure to be very eye catching. 

I have teamed up with a partner her name is Kelly she lives in Pierce County, Wa.

The Persian and Ragamuffin cats and kittens on this page reside with Kelly

 in her loving home which includes her husband her son and their dog..

Sometimes the occasional chicken will walk in. Lol!  She has even built an outside completely enclosed area for the cats to enjoy where they can come and go as they like. I hope to have such a nice area built for my own cats soon. 

She has a facebook page where you can see updates of her little country family. 

Countyhaven farm. 

Ragamuffin female named "Cupid" she is a solid blue color when bred to Bingo they will create black and blue bicolor kittens with unusual striking color patterns. 


He is a Ragamuffin bred from a Persian father and a Ragamuffin mother Mufasa is used as a service cat he is able to predict when his human mothers blood pressure goes up and indicate her of it she is now completely off of her doctor prescribed medication and living a peaceful life. Mufasa enjoys sitting with his human mom listening to her play her guitar.

Mia Rose

 Persian girl she is a silver patched tabby with white a very inquisitive girl that enjoys being where the action is. loves her 1 on 1 time with her mommy. She does require daily brushing to maintain that beautiful coat although some of her kitten creations will be born with easier to manage coats

Here you will see photos of the cats we use to create the Ragamuffin breed.

Better known for being a "service cat".

These service cats have been known to help many families dealing with autism by devoting all their attention to the child with Autism this gives parents time to themselves to recoup.

I have been thanked by parents in tears for the devoted Ragamuffin they chose to bring into their home.

I've also received stories of helping people that have dangerously high blood pressure in many instances their Ragamuffin can sense it happening before the person even knows it is happening. These cats are very social interested in meeting who comes into their home and sure enough like a watch dog will run out those who have come to hurt you or your family.. 


Is a Persian she is our only female at the moment producing Ragamuffin kittens with Mufasa. She is a beautiful and sweet natured black Smoke Persian girl that tends to enjoy be talked to and massaged. She is a great mom that enjoys having kittens to cuddle with.  

Calico Persian "Carina" her nickname is Cora
She has a very plush coat with a more standard Persian type face when bred with Mufasa they will create Ragamuffin kittens or Bingo they will create Persian kittens with both males we expect to see a wonderful array of colorful kittens with a sweet dollface. Cora is a very affectionate girl to my surprise a total loving lap cat asking for affection anytime she sees us. Her purrsonality traits are sure to be passed on to her kitten