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Here you will see photos of the cats we use to create the Ragamuffin breed.

Better known for being a "service cat".

These service cats have been known to help many families dealing with autism by devoting all their attention to the child with Autism this gives parents time to themselves to recoup.

I have been thanked by parents in tears for the devoted Ragamuffin they chose to bring into their home.

I've also received stories of helping people that have dangerously high blood pressure in many instances their Ragamuffin can sense it happening before the person even knows it is happening. These cats are very social interested in meeting who comes into their home and sure enough like a watch dog will run out those who have come to hurt you or your family.. 


Is a Persian she is our only female at the moment producing Ragamuffin kittens we will be acquiring 2 Ragamuffin sisters in the near future. 

Persian kittens & Himalayan Kittens

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Mufasa's Parents


he is a Ragamuffin bred from a Persian father and a Ragamuffin mother I will also include photos of him as a kitten along with photos of .his parents. he will be able to create kittens with points ans well as non-pointed.