Silver Patched  Tabby Persian

"Sarafina"   her nickname is "Sea C"
Sarafina is the last kitten born from Fiona. I feel Fiona had gifted her to us I quickly fell in love with her she was the only kitten born her mother Fiona is almost 6years old it is time for her to be spayed her daughter Sarafina will take her place in creating silver Persian kittens.It is possible her weight as an adult will be tiny weighing only 4 lbs like her mother only time will tell. It is hard to tell in these photos that Sarafina has a wonderful mixture of orange and silver coloring throughout her coat.

She is very sweet and loving at times. At night her and her mother sleep curled up next to my pillow all night long.. She also has a fiesty way about her maybe because she was an only kitten but she does not back down from what she does not like. She amazes me and cracks me up with her crazy antics that keep her entertained. Sarafina will create silver and silver tortie kittens like herself a lot like the color kittens her mother created for us you can view Fiona's past kittens here

   Click here to see her past kittens

15 weeks old

Silver Shaded  Persian "Leonardo"

His nickname is "Leo" are pleased to have found a boy from the famous Fancy feast cat lineage referred to as the L''Dearheart lines. I have looked for years hoping to find a boy from the classic Persian lines that could also produce Himalayans. The lady that created him did the unthinkable she bred her female (his mom) from fancy feast lineage to a classic traditional doll face Himalayan.. .PRESTO!!  Here he is... The one and only Dearheart

 lineage that is CPC carrier meaning.. (he carries the color point gene allowing him to produce Himalayan kittens)

  he will someday be the foundation to all the kittens born here.. Update.. Well Leo has turned out to be such a loving companion as he is always up for a cuddle anytime anywhere. we can cuddle him, rub our face in his fluffy furr coat while we give him BIG kisses. To our amazement he likes water as he climbs in the shower after were finished he could spend house watching and playing in the sink water as it flows. Such a Lover boy.

Welcome to 


"Blue tortie smoke "Raina"

Daughter of Luna Sister to Foxy Roxy

Persian kittens & Himalayan Kittens

Leo's grand mother

Leo's father

My Hubby and Nakita are watching Mira have her kittens..

Oh So cute!

Smoke calico "Lovely Lovieta" & cream shell cameo "Daisy" 

sisters and daughters to Athena 

More cute photos 4 you to enjoy! 

Leo's mother


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3weeks old

Our Persian, Himalayan family live with us in our home, they run to greet us when we arrive home, lay with us while we watch t.v. sit on the back of our chairs at the dinner table or office desk chair, they sleep in our beds, sit on the side of the bath tub and keep us company while we bathe.  These are our best friends and our loving companions.  All of our kitty family are BIG attention hogs and Wonderful lap Companions their wonderful Purrsonalities are passed along to their kittens.. These kittens are loved and deeply cherished and will be wanting the same from you. 

All have been tested for PKD and feline leukemia and found to be negative.
~Below you will see photos of our moms and future moms.. Along with the dad Apollo pictured at the bottom~

  Tortoiseshell Persian 

"Mira"  her nickname is "Mir-mir"

Mira has a super fluffy triple coat.. She comes from a long line of Champion show Persians.. As you can see she does have a peek show face, although when she is bred to our traditional doll face male, they will create beautiful triple coated kittens with a sweet traditional doll face some kittens will have a medium nose set we were super excited to have her join our family, she's so fluffy and has such an affectionate loving way about her.. Mira loves to be where the action is.. you can always find her near us, even as I write this she is laying on the back of my office chair, when I eat she is on the back of my dining chair.. If I get up from my chair for a brief second.. she lays in my seat lol! funny girl.. sometimes I sing to her Mira, Mira on the wall who's the prettiest girl of them all.. she looks to me as if to say.... "I am.. I'm the prettiest girl with them all."  she has a very beautiful cotton coat that needs brushing 2 to 3 times a week. Her kittens also are created with very full coats. She is able to create an array of beautiful Persian colors. These kittens will also require to be brushed 3 to 4 times a week.                  Click here to see her past kittens

Leo's grand father

Sarafina and her mom Fiona

Brown batch tabby smoke  "Roxanna"

AKA Foxy Roxy" daughter to Luna sister to Raina

Smoke Calico Persian "Athena" her nickname is "Tenna"
She was born here she is what we call our purrfectkeeper, Her momma Zora you will see below.  Zora gave birth just before I returned home from work, I  found her cold on the floor not breathing,  I immediately gave her to my husband Carlos to let him work his magic.. He worked on her rubbing her with warm water breathing into her lungs and talking to her, after nearly 45 minutes she gave a little cry, he then knew that she would be ok, He brought her to me wrapped in a towel and smiled at me.. This little Angel "Athena" is truly a special gift. As you can see in her photos she has grown into a beautiful doll face Persian.  Athena is big on grooming herself, you can usually find her sprawled out on the linoleum grooming herself or just completely laying flat out with her legs in back of her watching everybody. She has a very playful way about her as she goes running through the house enticing the others to play a game of. tag your it!  she loves to have her name called.. knowing she's about to get attention it is all she needs to speed her pace up to get to you faster. When I pull out a peacock feather this is her favorite toy, she's the first one to show up and the one to try the hardest, even if it means putting her paws in everyone's face to get it. lol!
          Athena creates traditional doll face kittens with very full coats, these kittens will require brushing 2-3 times a week..
click here to see her kittens 

Chocolate Tortie van Himalayan " Blanka"

 Blanka is a rare color called a chocolate tortie point with a lot of white throughout her coat, she also has an american dollface with chocolate and orange markings on her ears and the inner corner of her eyes with very unique striping of orange and chocolate coloring throughout her tail.  Himalayan's as she has darkened with age I am just now starting to see her cream colored markings along with her her chocolate markings. She is a very sweet girl that will lay in your arms while you dance around the room very inquisitive wanting to be where the action is.. loves to be hugged as I lay her over my shoulder and give her hugs while she keeps her purr running loud for me to hear a real lover for attention. .

 Lynx point Himalayan "Luna Lu"

Luna lu is a Chocolate Lynx point Himalayan girl she has a beautiful regal look about her that I just love.  She is more a quiet girl that likes to get her attention when everyone is sleeping, although when I wake she sees me, stretches and comes to me to say good morning.  She has a huge plush tail that resembles a raccoon with dollface. has an American doll face. 


 15 years experience Creating Ultimate companion lap cats. .A gift that keeps on giving..     Asha 360-220-0508