Calico Van Persian"Princessa" 

She is a very smart girl which makes her curious and good friends with our French bulldogs

We often see her running and playing with them or curled up sleeping with them in their dog bed. Unlike most calico's Princessa really enjoys being held and carried around, She is a delightful girl that is a color point carrier so when bred to our Leo they will also create both Persian and Himalayan bicolor kittens. 

 Red  tabby and white bicolor Persian girl  "Peaches"

resides with Kelly she is just a kitten now soon she will grow into a beautiful full coated girl that is sure to create beautiful Purrfectkeeperz kittens

Brown tabby and white Persian

Also lives with Kelly Max is a very affectionate boy that loves to be the center of attention he has a very full cotton like coat with a medium nose set.

He will make kittens with both a medium nose set and doll face in an array of bi-color patterns that are sure to be very eye catching. All purrfectkeeperz cats that resides with Kelly are also raised as loving pets in their home with their dog.
Kelly has a facebook page where you can see updates of her little country family. 
Countyhaven farm. 

"Blue patched tabby "Raina"

She is a very affectionate and curious girl the best of both worlds with this girl. RAina is the Daughter of Luna & a Sister to Foxy Roxy

 15 years experience Creating Ultimate companion lap cats.

.A gift that keeps on giving..     Asha 360-220-0508

 Lynx point Himalayan "Luna Lu"

Luna lu is a Chocolate Lynx point Himalayan girl she has a beautiful regal look about her that I just love.  She is an affectionate girl that likes to get her body massaged and back scratched a one on one kinda attention loving girl, Shes always the 1st to say good morning.  She has a huge plush tail that resembles a raccoon with a medium nose set.

More of what we would refer to as having an American doll face. 


Cream Cameo Ragamuffin "Devina"

Is a very affectionate girl that purrs when she is touched. She enjoys being cuddled in my arms and sitting in my lap as I sit at the computer. She has such a sweet look about her, I really adore her large eyes. She has an easy to manage long coat.

Our Silver Shaded  Persian "Leonardo"

His nickname is "Leo"  from the famous Fancy feast cat lineage you have seen on t.v. 

The one and only Fancy feast kitty lineage that is also a CPC carrier meaning.. 

(he carries the color point gene allowing him to produce Himalayan kittens)

Leo has turned out to be such a loving companion as he is always up for a cuddle anytime anywhere. we can cuddle him, rub our face in his fluffy fur coat while we give him BIG kisses. To our amazement he likes water he climbs in the shower after were finished to play in the water left over and would spend hours watching and playing in the sink water as it flows if we let him. Such a Lover boy. Leo does have a very full cotton like coat that requires brushing often to keep his coat free from mats. 

Chocolate Tortie van Himalayan " Blanka"

 Blanka is a rare color called a chocolate tortie point with a lot of white throughout her coat, she also has an american dollface with chocolate and orange markings on her ears and the inner corner of her eyes with very unique striping of orange and chocolate coloring throughout her tail.  Himalayan's as she has darkened with age I am just now starting to see her cream colored markings along with her her chocolate markings. She is a very sweet girl that will lay in your arms while you dance around the room very inquisitive wanting to be where the action is.. loves to be hugged as I lay her over my shoulder and give her hugs while she keeps her purr running loud for me to hear a real lover for attention. .

Our Persian, Himalayan and Ragamuffin family either live with us in our home or with my friend /partner. Our cats run to greet us when we arrive home, lay with us while we watch t.v. sit on the back of our chairs at the dinner table or office desk chair, they sleep in our beds, sit on the side of the bath tub and keep us company while we bathe.  These are our best friends and our loving companions.  All of our kitty family are BIG attention hogs and Wonderful lap Companions their wonderful Purrsonalities are passed along to their kittens.. These kittens are loved and deeply cherished and will be wanting the same from you. 

All have been tested for PKD and feline leukemia and found to be negative.
~Below you will see photos of our breeders.~

Brown tabby and white bicolor Persian 

" Nakita"

Such a beautiful sweet girl that is a wonderful snuggle companion as she enjoys sleeping under the covers with us and anytime we touch her she turns her purr on loudly for us to hear, she has a longer nose so her eyes never weep or drain so she is always looking beautiful every day all the time. Nakita does have a very long plush coat that does not mat easily so light brushing is all that is required to keep her looking her best.  

 silver patched tabby with white Persian "Mia Rose"

 resides with Kelly Mia is Blanka and Leos daughter she is a very inquisitive girl that enjoys being where the action is. She is very affectionate and loves her 1 on 1 time with Kelly. Mia does require daily brushing to maintain that beautiful coat although some of her kitten creations will be born with an easier to manage coat

Ragamuffin "Zoe "

Is a tortoiseshell color. She is the daughter to the above Cora she resides with Danielle and will also be bred to Owen when she is older to create Ragamuffin kittens. Below you see a photo of Zoey and Danielle's stud Owen.

  Silver Patched  Tabby Persian

 Sarafina is a tiny girl only weighing 4 lbs Sarafina has a wonderful mixture of orange and silver coloring throughout her coat. She is very intelligent girl that is also fun crazy that makes us laugh. She amazes me and cracks me up with her crazy antics that keep her entertained. Sarafina will create silver and silver and orange colored kittens like herself as well and red and cream smoke colored kittens. 

   Click here to see her past kittens

 Calico Persian "Carina" her nickname is Cora
She resides with Danielle in Oak harbor she did not get along well with Leo.

she has a very plush coat with a more standard Persian type face.

. Cora is a very affectionate girl to my surprise a total loving lap cat asking for affection anytime she sees us. Her purrsonality traits are sure to be passed on to her kittens. I have also posted a photo of Danielle's Persian Stud Owen.

More cute photos 4 you to enjoy! 

Persian kittens & Himalayan Kittens

Silver Shaded  Persian girl  "Winter"

Also resides with Kelly she is a small girl weighing only 4 lbs she is very affectionate and enjoys cuddling with whoever is sleeping. Winter has a very soft cotton like coat that requires brushing a few times a week to keep her looking her best. 

Brown patch tabby with smoke like appearance

 "Foxy "

She loves to lay in bed with us and relax in the mornings and evenings a great chill kitty. When she is feeling frisky her and her sister Raina are heard running and playing tag throughout the house..

Foxy and  Raina are sisters and daughters of Luna 


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