Life’s Abundance foods are made with the finest ingredients, including …
A proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals
High-quality protein from chicken and catfish meals for strong muscles
An antioxidant system including vitamins A, C and E.
Omega-3 fatty acids for healthy skin and a shiny coat.
Calcium and phosphorus for healthy teeth and strong bones
Dietary fiber to help maintain a healthy digestive tract.
Life's Abundance uses only wholesome ingredients, this formula contains …
No artificial flavors
No artificial colors
No corn or corn gluten
No wheat or wheat gluten
Life’s Abundance delivers concentrated nutrition in every bowl.
A balanced blend of calcium and phosphorous to support growing and aging bones.Optimal protein levels for growing kittens and adults.
 Unique blend of antioxidants that support cats throughout their life cycle. Your kitten will need food high in protein.  This food is formulated for both kittens and cats. NuVets PLus vitamins ingredients..
  NuVet Ingredients include: Alpha Amylase ,Amino Acids, Beta Carotene ,Blue Green Algae, Brewer's Yeast, Cat's Claw Chicken Liver, Copper, Evening Primrose OilI, Iron, L Methionine, Magnesium, Manganese, Oyster Shell, Papain, Phosphorus, Pine Bark, Potassium,Selenium (Yeast), Shark Cartilage, Taurine, vitamin A, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) Vitamin B3 (Niacin)Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid)Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)Vitamin B12
Vitamin C (Ester C™)Vitamin E  whey protien and Zinc.

BEWARE!!!!  Keep your friend safe.. 
Beware toys hanging from thin elastic string.. Your exuberant kitten can become tied up or even strangle itself. 
 To make these toys safe just replace the thin elastic with a thick 1/4 inch elastic string found in stores in the fabric department then reattach the elastic to the cat post using a staple gun.
Also exposed wires from computers, phones etc, will attract you kitten and can easily act as a death trap when they bite on the wires it can electrocute your kitten. Please take the time to wrap your exposed electrical wires. You can use a mesh wrapped in tape or purchase very easy to install hard plastic wraps to keep you wires under wrap at office depot or office max, home depot or Petco

Dr. Elseys Precious cat is the litter we use, 

it is a very heavy litter but it is 99% dust free which causes no sneezing and runny eye problems less dust and is also better with keeping your Persians eyes and nose clean from boogers.  Keep in mind you should never scold or restrain a kitten in its litter box or have children bothering it as your kitten may associate the litter box as being a scary negative place and look for another place to go potty. Keep litter box clean, as this too may discourage your kitten from using its box.

A sturdy comb with long teeth .....
with hard plastic and a soft brissel brush . I will suppy you with your first comb thst I get from Sally's beauty spply.. this is a fantastic comb for your kitty..  (NOT METAL your kitten has very thin skin and will not enjoy having it scrapped with metal spikes. this includes the furminator. ) your kitten will really enjoy a soft brush or comb, the one on one attention of being brushed, and it is great way to start bonding with your kitten start doing this when your kitten is sleeping as they are very relaxed and are more receptive.

Nail clippers... 
 you can get a nail clippers for cats or just use nail clippers for people. I would encourage you to start clipping your kittens nails every 4 to 6 weeks just clip the very tip of the nail (sharp end of the nail.) there is a pink area you can see through the nail DO NOT CUT CLOSE TO THE PINK AREA!!
just snip the very tip.  (You will also find these clippers are use full  to cut out large mats later in life.. Just cut the matt like it has toes and pull it apart..

2 Cat Scratching posts..
Scratching is healthy for your kitten, you don't need a huge cat post for now, although in the future you will want to have a cat post that is as tall as your cat when he or she is stretched out. Kitty's like to stretch and sharpen their claws, so if your scratch post is too small, your kitty friend will most likely turn to scratching on you couch as it is taller for them to give a nice stretch and sharpen their claws..

For those of you that have flat face to medium faced Persians with white around its eyes you may start to see yellow discharge and some staining around the eyes and your kitten does not look as good as it could.. There is a very simple solution.. Only takes 2 minutes a day..  checkout purchase eyes liquid solution and powder solution you can purchase them in different size bottles.. 

 To purchase life's abundance food..
call 1-877-387-4564 use promo code 20076590
 To order Nuvets Plus in powder form for DOGS!! (Yes I order it for dogs but I assure you it is safe for your cats.. It is the same vitamin just ground up.. Cats and kittens love the taste just sprinkle it on the dry food when you fill the bowl..
 To Order NuVets PLUS  call 1-800-474-7044 use promo code 59356

Persian kittens & Himalayan Kittens

Welcome to 


When bringing your new kitten home here are a few things that will be necessary. We feed and recommend a mixture of both Life's Abundance and Royal Canin for kittens in the pink bag pictured below it has very small kibble easy to eat for small kittens while life's abundance has high amounts protein & of omega fatty acids.. We feel both foods are optimal for your kittens health. We will guarantee the health of your kitten for the first 3 years of its life if you choose a regular diet of Life's Abundance and Nuvets plus vitamins. 

You can consider me a lifetime mentor for your kitty needs..

Call or text me anytime with any questions.. I am here for you..

Asha 360-220-0508

You can encourage your kitten to play on its cat post by incorporating play time using the post. your kitten will want to use its cat post after waking up to stretch and sharpen its claws. When your kitten wakes take your kitten to its post and praise him/her with affectionate words and petting. Your kitten will be attracted to the post by its own scent.
  If you see your kitten sharpening its claws on unwanted areas startle the kitten by clapping your hands together and saying CH-CH OR ST-ST-ST &  using a spray bottle with water. Then place your kitten on its cat post praise it using affectionate words and petting.

Spray Bottle filled with water.
Get yourself a couple spray bottles and fill them with water  leave them on the counters in a few rooms.. If you see your kitten doing naughty things just spray them while making the noise ch-ch or sssst-sss after a few days you will not need the water just the noise.. keep in mind you only have 1 second to 1 1/2 seconds to correct a behavior.. please dont allow your children to be the trainer as this could get outta hand.. (usually we will do this training for you and your kitten, but occasionally a kitten has not done naughty things in our home so that training can begin..) 

Cat Toys.. kittens are like babies any toy that they can touch to create a sound will be a hit with your kitten they also like small things easy for them to roll across the floor..
soft balls, jingle balls, furry mice with beans inside, cat nip pouches, rolled up paper or tin foil, my cats love this toy.