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Persian kittens & Himalayan Kittens

How many times have your loving Persians come and given you a wet face kiss? Or jumped in your lap and shown you their
 sopping wet chest hair... and given you that “Fix it Mommy” look?
Of course, with their furry faces and hairy chests, it's not easy for a Persian to have a good, satisfying drink of water and still maintain
 immaculate table manners - unless, of course,you provide your cat with a water fountain to drink from!

There are commercial water fountains available for cats. They just didn't address the needs of our long-haired cats.

The fountains were difficult to keep filled, hard to take apart to clean and clogged easily with the hair or food that washed off my pretty feline's face. Also, the design often made it too easy for toys to be knocked in the water reservoir. In fact, I think one of my cats would deliberately bat her toy into the fountain! The bottom line - the design of the commercial
fountains still allowed the water to soak our cat's face or chest when it took a drink.

I wanted our cats to have running filtered water to drink, while still keeping their hair high and dry.

Think about it - No more teaching your cat to drink like a rodent. Or wondering if your cat getting enough water to drink. So.. Here is a terrific water easy to make Materials List...Here is list of items you will need to make your fountain....

•Whisper Internal Filter 2-10i
•Glass Beads
•Glass fish bowl   
•(plastic can be used to make a
•smaller fountain.)
•Power surge strip protector
•Black Binder Clip

The Whisper Internal Filter 2-10i Obviously you will need a small pump for
 your fountain. I bought mine at Super Wal-Mart in the pet section for only $9.98. It is a Whisper Internal Filter 2-10i and it is a super quiet, power filtration pump. It uses medium filtered cartridges.
 NOTE: Be sure to select a product that has an INTERNAL pump.

Glass Beads

Glass beads are needed in the bottom of the container for your fountain to both anchor it and to fill the water reservoir and filter out large debris. Large particles will go to the bottom of the beads and will not be
sucked up by the pump.You will need enough glass beads to raise the pump
to the height needed. I used three small 12 oz bags. Best to Choose a glass beads without a color coating.The beads were found at Wal-Mart.$2.99 a 12 oz bag. The larger bags are a little cheaper per oz. just depends on what you like. Glass beads work better than the rocks. Smooth surface, means no hair to cling to the beads.

Glass Bowl
 Once you have your pump and the beads your will need a container or reservoir for the fountain. I chose a heavy glass fish bowl found in the pet section of Super Wal-Mart for only $5.99. The small top of the
glass fish bowl is perfect for the fountain.
Place the beads in the bottom of the glass bowl.

Preparing The Pump
The pump comes with a plastic L-shaped holder on the back and two rubber suction cups. Remove the holder and replace it with one of the suction cups. This will be used to attach the pump to the side of the bowl.

Both holes on the back side of the pump will need to be plugged. There should be two suction cups in the box that can be used for this purpose.
If only one cup is provided, use it to plug the top hole and then use waterproof caulk or cork to plug the bottom hole. Both holes have to be plugged for the pump to work correctly.
Next, place pump in the bowl. Position the pump against one side of the bowl. Add enough glass beads so that the lip where the water exits the pump is slightly above the edge of the bowl and pointing towards the center of the bowl. The lip of the water pump is where your cat will drink from.
After placing the pump at the correct level, you will need to clip the pump to the side of the bowl.
Place the rubber sucker against the edge of the bowl and clip it in place with a large binder clip. With the pump securely in place, there will be a small space around the pump. Water is available as it comes out the pump, but does not pool up to the top of the bowl. This means the cat will need to drink the water falling off the lip of the pump. Drinking in this manner helps keep the cat's face and chest clean and dry. As an added benefit, any hair or loose food that may fall off the cat's face will be trapped in the filter, keeping the drinking water cleaner than if it was in a bowl.
Once the pump is held firmly in place, fill the bowl about half way with filtered water. Do not plug the pump directly into the wall
 outlet. Please use a surge protector.

I'm Thirsty!!! Your cats will be attracted to the sound of the
water falling in the bowl. Soon they will be drinking clean filtered  water. Even small kittens quickly learn to stand on they hind legs with their front paws against the bowl and lap up the fresh water. You can add
water as needed very easily from the top.

My Water Fountain
I have been using this water fountain for my cats with excellent results since 2001.I have also given several set-ups away to a few of my fellow Persians breeders and they are always amazed how their cats figure it
all out for themselves. Try building one for your cats. They will
have cleaner, fresher, tastier water! And stay drier too!

Cleaning instructions!!
When I clean, I take all the pieces apart where the whisper comes together in the middle, the little plastic piece inside that looks like a fan and the thin bottom lid where the cord comes out from, I do this once a week, I scrub all the pieces with soap and water then I dip all the pieces into boiling water for 30 seconds to kill any bacteria including the charcoal bag and filter. be careful not to leave the thin bottom lid in the boiling water too long it will warp and not fit back on without breaking. You will need a tiny nipple cleaning brush, this usually comes with the newborn feeding bottles they sell at Petco, this little scrub brush makes it possible to get into the tiny crevasses. I also clean the bowl with soap and water leaving the rocks inside I run the sponge around and just make to rinse out the bowl and rocks very well before filling it back up with their drinking water. It is very important to do a proper cleaning, if you find your cat has diarrhea it can be from you not cleaning their water supply.

The fish in the fountain is just for the photo, Please don't put fish in the fountain!!

            Make a drinking fountain for our animal friends. 
Be sure to clean parts very well every week and either boil or change filter every week