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Sheva in confirmed to be expecting classic style traditional dollface Persian kittens 1st week of Nov. We expect the colors to be a variety of shaded silver, tabby, orange, smoke possible bicolors. This will be Sheva's 1st time having kittens she is the same color as Fiona click the tab to checkout Fiona's past kittens to see the colors Sheva's kittens will be.

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" ​Zorra" is almost 5 years old unfortunately we have tried to breed her 3 times,

but it seems she is not able to have kittens any longer. She is a very sweet girl I have always enjoyed the attention and affection she is always ready and willing to give Zorra is not a skiddish girl she enjoys being where the action is she follows me around to whatever room I am in and likes to be near me, watching what I am doing.  If I happen to stop for a moment she looks at me waving her paw in the air as if to pull me closer to her, when I look at her she is there looking at me eye to eye she meows at me but no voice ever comes out which to me is soooo Adorrrable. sometimes if no one is paying attention I have caught her playing with small tennis balls.  A very important aspect to taking good care of Zorra is that she does have a peek face and solid white coloring around her eyes because of her peeke face her eyes do weep and do need to be cleaned with a liquid solution and powdered in the corners to prevent any staining to her fur around her eyes to keep her looking her best.

The product I use around her eyes is eyeenvy. 

At this time she is not spayed. I know It will take some time to heal im thinking it would be nice for her to get comfortable in her new home before being spayed. I am asking for a 350.00 adoption fee.

If you are looking for a loving attentive companion and are interested in Zorra please call 360-220-0508

call or text w/any questions "ASHA" 360-220-0508

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