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  We offer Doll face & Medium nose set Persians & Ragamuffin kittens.
         We are located in Washington State.
      We do ship also have a nanny service available throughout the United States. I have worked in the pet industry for over a decade and am very knowledgeable in holistic remedies to use for multiple issue & behavioral problems in both cats and dogs. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask..

"Prince" is a shaded silver he seems to be an out going boy interested in what going on around him. Adoption fee $1500

Persian kittens & Himalayan Kittens

"Cherry" Is a petite shaded silver girl that is also curious her adoption fee is $1500

"Serena" Is a Silver patch tabby she has orange coloring on her forehead and throughout her coat. She is a sweet girl that flops and looks into my eyes when I pick her up. She a fun girl as she is also very inquisitive to whats happening.

Adoption fee is $1500

Foxy & Leo had PERSIAN and HIMALAYAN kittens born 5/26/19

Our Gift that keeps on Giving 

Registered Persian* Himalayan* Ragamuffin kittens


15 years experience creating ultimate companion laps cats..
   Guaranteed to be healthy & to fit into your home like they have been with you and loved you forever. 


"Ivy" is a shaded silver girl she a calm girl that likes to watch. Her adoption fee is $1500

This is KitKat he is a neutered male Ragamuffin 10 months old. He is great with kids as he is very playful and never uses his claws on them. He is a very social active boy that is crazy for people food which could be used in your favor if you want to teach him all kinds of tricks and have a fan of Instagram followers. lol! His current owner is about to have a baby and feels it is best to re-home him.

He comes with all his toys and his new cat post his adoption fee is $250.00

Integrity you can trust 

Silver Persian "Chrystal"

Chrystal & leo has Shaded silver Persian kittens born June 15th. Kittens are all being supplemented to help mom so kittens are sure to be extra cuddly and attentive all kittens will have traditional doll faces. 

Welcome to 


Silver Persian "Leo"

"TIGER" is a 16 week old Persian He is not afraid of anything has been known to play with NO FEAR with the dog he is pictured with his owner is afraid one of them will get hurt and is concerned he will grow to be rough with whoever comes in contact with him as it is a daily activity in their home. His Adoption fee is $1000 

The Ragamuffin cat & Persian kitten listed Below are up for adoption.

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