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Nakita & Leo have Persian kittens born July 15th

 All kittens are guaranteed to never have issues with eye drainage. Although they will be a fairly large kitty when full grown weighing 8-10 lbs Don't you just love BIG teddy bears? As adults they will require daily brushing to have them looking their best which will create a wonderful bond. 

 "Boo" Is a golden tabby and white bicolor he will be very fluffy and have a sweet doll face. Adoption $1850

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"Zeta" Is a Dark brown tabby and white Persian girl. Purrfectly symmetrical markings. She will have a very full coat and a sweet doll face Adoption $1850

We offer Doll face & Medium nose set Persian's Himalayan's & Ragamuffin kittens.We are located in Washington State.
      We can ship anywhere in the United States with an excellent nanny service. We have been breeding for many years and would be delighted to share our passion and expertise with you, 

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Persian kittens & Himalayan Kittens

"Aspen" Is a light golden colored tabby Persian boy he will be very fluffy and have a sweet dollface adoption $1850

"Astra" Is a Silver and white bicolor Persian girl she has purrfectly symmetrical markings and will be very fluffy with a sweet little doll face. Adoption $1850

"Teddy" Is a Dark brown tabby Persian boy he will be very fluffy and have a sweet doll face. Adoption $1850

Persian Mia Rose and Max are having kittens tonight 8/08/20 photos coming soon. Their kittens will have medium to show type faces with double coats and will require daily grooming. 

Blanka & Leo had 5 Female Persian kittens born July 26th. A Beautiful array of colors