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Congratulations  "Cora" & Mufasa had 4 beautiful Ragamuffin kittens BORN 4/15/2019

Ragamuffins are known to act as Service cats lowering blood pressure, helping with Autism & Anxiety

ALL 3 RED Bicolor boys are available. Reds are known for being wonderful loving companions that always follow you and want to be included in everything you do including the shower lol!

Reds can be a bit overly needy for your love at times. lol!  So if you are on the look out for a very best friend for you or a loved one you really cannot go wrong with a red boy. 

Registered Persian* Himalayan* Ragamuffin kittens


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   Guaranteed to be healthy & to fit into your home like they have been with you and loved you forever. 


Chrystal & leo are due to have Persian kittens June 14-16th kittens colors expected are blue and silver in Smokes or tabbies. Kitten will have traditional doll face to medium nose set. Below you will see photos of her PAST Persian kittens.


Is a Himalayan born May 2, 2019 parents are Blanka & Leo 

This Himalayan girl is available she is a seal lynx point with Himalayan kitten she will have white toes on her front feet and some white on her back toes possibly even some orange coloring which will show as she gets darker with age. If so she would be a Seal tortie lynx point bicolor. 

New video 5-24-19

​Adoption fee $1500

Foxy & Leo are are due to have Persian and / or Himalayan kittens last week of May. Kitten colors expected will be smoke and/or tabby, silver-brown-orange-blue, tortoiseshell, all possible point colors in lynx point HImalayan are possible. kittens coats will be very thick and cotton like needing weekly grooming to keep from matting, others will be thick but not cotton like so it is much easier to manage.   


  We offer Doll face & Medium nose set Persians & Ragamuffin kittens.
         We are located in Washington State.
      We do ship our kittens throughout the United States. I have worked in the pet industry for over a decade and am very knowledgeable in holistic remedies to use for multiple issue & behavioral problems in both cats and dogs. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask..

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Red and white bi-color "Moose" below Is a purr-machine always up for a belly scratch would be a wonderful companion for a home with children. good with dogs when approached he will have a thick coat and require brushing a few times a week to keep him looking his best. Adoption fee $1250

Raina & Leo re due to have Persian and / or Himalayan kittens 1st week of June. All possible kitten colors are expected in smoke with tabby markings as well as all lynx Point Himalayan colors are possible. Kittens coats will come in a variety some will have a thick cotton like coat some will appear more silky and is easily manageable. 

"Skippy" below Is a very light red tabby with a white chest and paws. He is a bit shy still at the moment but he warms up quickly when cuddled and feels safe. Adoption fee $1250

(For those interested in expecting parents shown below)

Placing a deposit would ensure you of getting your pick of our upcoming kittens.

Those of you that have placed your deposits would have until 3 days after the kittens eyes open to make your final decision. (we will provide photos and videos to help you decide) 

If you choose to pass on a current litter of kittens your deposit would roll over to our next litter of kittens until you have chosen your favorite kitty companion to join your family.

 (Sometimes deposits are put down on a specific mothers kittens which would give them 1st pick of that litter.)

(deposits are non-refundable)

We also have a list for those of you who are interested but not ready to place a deposit. 

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