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Persian kittens & Himalayan Kittens

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"Blade"  https://youtu.be/eh19ACiuSlU http://youtu.be/OmlNvcNpoi0 

Its so neat to see another striking color difference to the same color of all 3 of these brothers

.( black smoke and white bi colors) all 3 have that sweet traditional look which gives them chubby cheeks almond shaped eyes, striking contrast of color and when full grown a beautiful coat. Iam just so thrilled with the look of these boys just delights me to see them grow. keep in mind brushing them a couple times a week with strengthen your bond and keep him looking Amazing!. A beautiful best friend to share your thoughts with.  A GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING 1500.00

Asha 360-220-0508

 Athena had 3 Persian black smoke and white bicolor boy kittens born 5/15/17

Integrity you can trust 

"Simon"    https://youtu.be/VnVhOsi1sP8  https://youtu.be/uixPsVEeGeM

This little black smoke bi-color male persian is again what we strive to create here at purrfectkeeperz. this litter of kittens is what I call HARD TO FIND!!!  All 3 kittens will grow into beautiful full coated Persians with that classic traditional sweet doll face with a permanent smile that will always have you admiring their look forever. He will require a loving family or friend and to be brushed 2-3 times a day which will help build a bond between you. 

A GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING! Simon cost 1500.00

Asha  360-220-0508 


15 years experience creating ultimate companion laps cats..
   Guaranteed to be healthy & to fit into your home like they have been with you and loved you forever. 



  We offer Doll face & Medium nose set Persians & Ragamuffin kittens.
         We are located in Washington State.
      We do ship our kittens throughout the United States. I have worked in the pet industry for over a decade and am very knowledgeable in holistic remedies to use for multiple issue & behavioral problems in both cats and dogs. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask..

Our Gift that keeps on Giving 

"Harley" https://youtu.be/I9dlqakVkgQ    https://youtu.be/23mBQwh_V_w

this little high white harlequin black smoke bi-color male Persian kitten is what we strive to create here at purrfectkeeperz. He has a classic style traditional doll face that portrays a nice sweet smile and he will grow to have a beautiful plush coat and striking color contrast along with a loving purrsonality and playfulness. What else could you possibly want?  He will require a loving companion and to be brushed 2-3 times a week so he is looking his best this will also create a loving bond between him and yourself.  A GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING! 1500.00

Asha 360-220-0508